Time zone import increases panel loading time

I have about 30 panels on a dashboard. All of them request the data via flux from an Influx 2 database and almost all of them import the time zone so that the values are displayed correctly.

import "timezone
option location = timezone.location(name: "Europe/Berlin")

Before I added the timezone everywhere, the page always loaded directly. Now it takes several seconds until all panels are loaded and again several seconds until they are updated.

Is there a better way to display the time values correctly without importing the time zone into each panel, or are 30 panels just too much for one dashboard? Should I split it up into several?

Additional question, is there a way to use the dashboard or browser timezone instead of setting it fixed?

Welcome @BloodhunterD

Is the data being saved in influxdb UTC? Also do you have any tags which are indexed, that should improve performance

the following is critical to understand for performance issues

InfluxDB lets you specify fields and tags, both being key/value pairs where the difference is that tags are automatically indexed.

Because fields are not being indexed at all, on every query where InfluxDB is asked to find a specified field, it needs to sequentially scan every value of the field column.

Yes, the data is stored with a time stamp in UTC.

I do not quite follow you. You ask if I indexed tags to increase performance, but then you write that tags are indexed automatically and fields are not indexed at all?

Don’t I need to query a specific field to get the values for it if I’m not interested in the other values, or is it more performant on InfluxDB’s part to read and send all the data based on the tags? Isn’t that then a massive transfer overhead of unneeded data, or am I misunderstanding you?

This phenomenon occurs only since I import the time zone into each panel.

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Creating tags makes them indexed and improves perf.
Why are you importing timezone and how are you using it in your flux query.

Ok, I think I understand now. I use multiple tags and I import the timezone before the query (see the code in the first post).

This causes that the time in the panels is not offset by 2 hours. Without, UTC is used instead of my time zone and then the grouping, summing and display per day is not correct.

so what do you have for your time settings, notice mine bottom right corner it says UTC-07:00

Mine says UTC+02:00. That’s correct.


It appears that importing time zones for around 30 panels on a dashboard has noticeably increased easy ways the loading time of the panels in Grafana. Previously, the panels would load instantly, but after adding the timezone import, there’s a delay of several seconds for both initial loading and subsequent updates. The question is whether there’s a more efficient approach to displaying time values accurately without importing the time zone for each panel. Additionally, given the loading delay, is it advisable to split the content into multiple dashboards? Furthermore, is there a way to use the dashboard or browser timezone dynamically, instead of having it fixed? Your insights on these matters would be greatly appreciated.