Time/Timestamp within the query

Hi, sending a query to Mysql I would like to use the current time (timestamp, epoch, ecc) inside the query itself, like the normal way by command line, so that it cannot be influenced by relative time or time filter. Is there this possibility? How can I use it, Could you please make me an example?
Piratically I would like to use a reference to time like now()
Thanks a lot

I’m not sure I understand the question, because you can create whatever query
you want in Grafana (provided you use the Query Editor and not the Query
Builder), and using now() in a query works just fine.

Please can you give us an example of what you have tried and explain what did
not work with it?


Thanks Antony. I’ve read a lot of post and documentation, but it’s not very clear to me how the I can use the macro in “where” statement, and so on. So, being able to use normal query maybe for me it could be easier.
For example I would like to show all the data from the beginning till now grouped by year without being affected by the time searching.
as you can better understand here Same dashboard with more relative time panel - #11 by donatod