Time series for SQL Data

I have this select statement that I want to use as a graph. It works as a table but I am struggling to get it converted to time series

Perf.vPerfHourly.DateTime as Time, Perf.vPerfHourly.AverageValue as Utilization, vManagedEntity.DisplayName
Perf.vPerfHourly INNER JOIN
vPerformanceRuleInstance ON Perf.vPerfHourly.PerformanceRuleInstanceRowId = vPerformanceRuleInstance.PerformanceRuleInstanceRowId INNER JOIN
vPerformanceRule ON vPerformanceRuleInstance.RuleRowId = vPerformanceRule.RuleRowId INNER JOIN
vRelationship ON Perf.vPerfHourly.ManagedEntityRowId = vRelationship.TargetManagedEntityRowId INNER JOIN
vManagedEntity ON vRelationship.SourceManagedEntityRowId = vManagedEntity.ManagedEntityRowId
WHERE vManagedEntity.DisplayName = ‘servername’
AND vPerformanceRule.ObjectName like ‘%Process%’
AND vPerformanceRule.CounterName = ‘% Processor Time’
ORDER BY Perf.vPerfHourly.DateTime DESC

For time Series you need the following columns returned by your query [time], [value] and [metric].
[metric] defaults to value if it is missing.

So basically this will do the trick:
SELECT Perf.vPerfHourly.DateTime as [time], Perf.vPerfHourly.AverageValue as [value], vManagedEntity.DisplayName as [metric]