Time series, display x-last results only


I’m building dashboard for continues CI. The CI is run whenever a change is needed, but it may happen multiple times during a day, but may also happen once every month.

I would like the results to be displayed on time-series dashboard (or any other). The problem is that the X-axis is showing current time. But I would like it to have execution time of a test. Nothing should be shown if the test was not executed and space between two events should be equal.

In other words, what I have is this:

(notice that graph shows empty space when there was no CI execution)

And I would like to have something like this:

Any idea how to do it?

Hi @kriskwiatkowski

Sorry, using the x axis as time is fundamental to the time series panel. Using commits on the x axis like in your graph: have you explored the new bar chart?

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