Time range override yields unexpected results


I’m using Grafana over a graphite source, and for singlestat “alive” panel I don’t need to get all the past 24 hours (the time frame of the dashboard), just the current status. A slight deferral is necessary because I wouldn’t like to get a false alive status, so I give 2 minutes for the device to be checked and registered as alive (the monitoring service is icinga2). So the override is for the past 2 minutes, till 2 minutes ago. For this I filled the “override relative time” row with ‘2m’, and the “add time shift” with “2m” as well.
I’m still getting false negatives, and when I look with chrome dev tools I see that Grafana is sending an odd request to the graphite database, with the following arguments:
As you can easily see, the difference is 4 minutes, and the ‘until’ field is set to this very minute (at the time of the check). But what I’d like to get is ‘until:1519296238’, meaning a 2-minutes duration ending in this time minus two minutes (‘now-2m’).
Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong here?

NOTE: The time on the server (which holds the graphite database as well) is properly set, it’s not a time difference issue.

Thanks in advance!


You should only use override relative time so remove timeshift.


Without the time shift the check is preformed from “-Xm” (where X the number of minutes) until “now”.
That is exactly what I’m trying to avoid. I’d like the “until” to be 2 minutes ago (for the example above).
It should be noted that the dashboard’s “until” in “now”, and should remain so. Only one panel should not have “until now” and that’s why I’m writing here, because the override yields unexpected results.


Then I think you need to use a greater value of override relative time, lets use 10m for example. And then timeshift 2m. If you still got outliers I suggest you to increment timeshift time.

Ok thanks, will try that.