Time dependant variables/labels for hosts

Hi all,
I have a setup of 6 Ruuvitag bluetooth beacons, and a Raspberry Pi with a java parser that collects measurements and inserts them into an Influxdb. On the same device, I have Grafana running, and have created a dashboard with some measures and panels:

Now my issue is that the hostnames are MAC-codes, and at the moment I have them hard-coded by using “alias by”, depending on where the Ruuvitags are. What I would like to have is a way to maintain information about where a given Ruuvitag was at a certain time, and thus display only relevant data.

As an example, I have a tag that I initially had in my office room. I then moved it outdoors. I would like to separate these two situations in Grafana according to the metadata maintained manually, so that I get a valid min and max ranges for the office, and outdoors temperature. How could I achieve this?