Threshhold lines

Very noob question, but here goes…

In the graph shown above, the “setpoint” is 90. We are permitted +/- 5 degrees, so I went into Edit mode and put two Threshholds at 85 and 95 and the result is exactly how I want the graph to look.

However, the above process was entirely manual and everyday users of this graph will not be able to edit the graphs. And the setpoint will change many times throughout the day. For example, the job next hour will have a setpoint of 120, meaning the new Threshholds are 115 and 125.

I know Threshholds cannot be dynamically assigned, so I think the next best approach would be to have a user input value representing the setpoint, and then build 2 queries (one for the “upper Threshhold” and one for the “lower Thresshold”) and then plot those on the graph. I think this can be done, but can someone give me a definite “Yes” and point me in the right direction? Thank you in advance.

I don’t think thresholds is the right answer for this (which you’ve already realized). Since a thresholds is just a constant value, if you change it, you can no longer tell whether a value in the previous interval was within the range.

I think it makes sense to convert the thresholds to queries, and visualize them using the Staircase option. This way you can always go back and see the interval for historic values as well.

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