The users I create keep losing ability to login

We’re using Grafana internally so I set up users like with password “test1”, and follow the invitation link to verify them. Great, they can log in.

Except every few days, I’ll find their session is logged out and attempts to login get “invalid username or password”.

Nobody uses the system but me so the passwords haven’t been changed. These are viewer-level accounts, my admin account seems to work just fine for weeks and weeks. Is this designed functionality and if so, how can I prevent it?

Hi There,

Is it possible that you are running multiple instances on localhost? This is strange. Can you share your Grafana server logs from a login failure, or any other log/error information? Also, what version of Grafana are you using? Are there any protocols in use like LDAP?

So I figured this out: usernames are case sensitive. E.g I’d created the user as Test1 and was trying to login as test1.

Is this intended functionality, it seems a little unusual especially as a username can be an email address?

Yeap, it’s by design, and you’re not the only one to be caught out by it: Case sensitive for username on login · Issue #12549 · grafana/grafana · GitHub. I would also like to see it changed (or have an option for it), since some of our users have been caught out by it too.

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