The panel 'br-picturepanel' is not supported in the version 8.0.6?

yesterday, I upgraded the grafana from version 7.3 to the latest 8.0.6, but the panel ‘br-picturepanel’ is not supported any more.
Screenshot from 2021-07-30 17-02-58

so, I tried to use panel ‘Text’ to write the html code myself. what I want to realize is to place a picture and jump to a new link when user click the picture
here is the html code:

in the above picture, the link is only located in the middle of the picture, it means that I can only click on the middle of the picture to jump to another link, I want to realize that user can click on the whole picture, but I failed. I don’t know why

could anyone give me some suggestions?

  1. is there any other panel that support the picture and I can add a link when user click the picture?
  2. how to user the previous panel ‘br-picturepanel’ in the version 8.0.6?
  3. what is the problem of my code? can I implement my request based on the panel ‘Text’ and the html code?

thanks in advance!