Test execution is stopping every time after 10 mins in local machine

I have below options mentioned in the test

httpDebug: ‘full’,

    summaryTrendStats: ['avg', 'min', 'max', 'p(90)', 'p(95)', 'p(99)', 'count'],

    thresholds: {

        checks: [{ threshold: 'rate == 0.9', abortOnFail: false }],



    tags: {

        suite: `${__ENV.SUITE_NAME}`



    scenarios: {

        performanceTest: {

            "executor": "per-vu-iterations",

            "exec": name,

            "vus": 5,

            "iterations": 200




Is it only happening on your local machine or also in docker and.or CI/CD tools?

Have you tried playing out (increase/decrease) with the number of VUs and Iterations?