Teslamate grafana dashboards do not load behind proxies/nat/vpn's


i’m a newby if it comes to grafana. I’m using teslamate (with grafana included) to monitor my tesla car. But since i updated grafana to version 11.1.0 i’m unable to load any dashboard as long as i’m not within the same network as where grafana runs. Most of the time i look at the grafana dashboards when i’m remote and connected over VPN. But for some reason that is no longer workig since the update.

All other services do still work over the VPN connection so this deffinely something within grafana. The developer of Teslamate told me that the new grafana is more sensitive for ad blockers,proxy and VPN but is not able to point me in the right direction:

What can i do to troubleshoot this the right way and get it resolved.

Grafana is running on docker

Thank you in advance!