Template: use Custom values in Query

I am trying to use Custom values in query

I want the user to select North or South, from a Drop down.
That value eg. North from Drop down, I want to generate a list with Station1 and Station2.


Not really sure I follow. What different values of the tag Station do you have in influxdb? Can’t you just have one template variable selecting different values of tag value?


Thanks for replying.
I have 15 stations in Influxdb.
I want to have one visible drop down, where I choose between North and South. If I select North I want to show data from Station 1 and 2, if I select South in drop down list, I want to show data from Station 3 and 4.
I don’t want to have a long list with all my stations where I have to select each station that I want to look at.
Is this possible?

Okay. Then I would suggest to tag the points written to influx with north or south etc. Otherwise Grafana won’t support what you’re trying to do.

If you find this feature really helpful I would suggest you to create a feature request issue. But please search through open/closed issues first to see if there already is a feature request for this created. If lots of people upvotes the issue with a thumbs up emoji we’ll consider implementing/merging it.


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