Telegraf stops working


I have succesfully installed telegraf as Windows service. Since a few days telegraf occasionally stops working:

Around 11:35 I restarted the telegraf service then it stops again at around 12:55.
I checked - the network connection to the influxdb server is up and running.

Only a restart of telegraf service makes it working again.
I cannot find any logs (exept telegraf started) in the windows event viewer.

What can I do to find out what’s the problem here?

Thanks a lot for any help…

Maybe this is an issue of DST (Daylight Saving Time)?
This would explain why this happens since a few days.

On Windows server (where telegraf is running) we have 14:09 o’clock, on Debian influxdb server as well. But Influxdb UI shows 13:09 (last recorded record)?

How can that be?