Tanka Loki adjust ingester_container resources

I have followed the documentation on how to install Loki using tanka here: https://grafana.com/docs/loki/latest/installation/tanka/

(Btw, this documentation needs to be updated with boltdb_shipper_shared_store configuration which is required)

I have successfully applied the config to my cluster using tk apply ..., however, my cluster doesn’t have any nodes capable of meeting the resources that are requested by various pods. For example, here is what is being declared for the ingester:

container.new(‘ingester’, ._images.ingester) + container.withPorts(.util.defaultPorts) +
container.withArgsMixin(.util.mapToFlags(.ingester_args)) +
container.mixin.readinessProbe.httpGet.withPath(’/ready’) +
container.mixin.readinessProbe.httpGet.withPort(._config.http_listen_port) + container.mixin.readinessProbe.withInitialDelaySeconds(15) + container.mixin.readinessProbe.withTimeoutSeconds(1) + .util.resourcesRequests(‘1’, ‘5Gi’) +
.util.resourcesLimits('2', '10Gi') + if ._config.stateful_ingesters then
volumeMount.new(‘ingester-data’, ‘/data’),
]) else {},

I am wondering if there is a way from my main.jsonnet file to override the $.util.resourcesRequests('1', '5Gi') and $.util.resourcesLimits('2', '10Gi') configuration without overriding the entire ingester_container element?

Here is the solution I got working for any of you that run into the same question/problem:

local gateway = import ‘loki/gateway.libsonnet’;
local loki = import ‘loki/loki.libsonnet’;
local promtail = import ‘promtail/promtail.libsonnet’;

loki + promtail + gateway {
_config+:: {


// can specify the resources using ‘null’ in the function calls here
.util.resourcesRequests(null, null) + .util.resourcesLimits(null, null),