Table Panel trims leading + or 0 characters from SQL string

Dear Community,

I wrote a simple SQL query that outputs phone-numbers as a string formatted like ‘+4912345678’.
When I create a panel, visualized as a table Grafana trims my leading ‘+’ or ‘00’ characters from the result field. I tried several things but cannot figure out on how to get the full string displayed.

This is the grafana output:

This is the actual SQL result:

This is my query :slight_smile:
Select TOP(20)
FORMAT(CallReceived,‘HH:mm’) AS Call,
PhoneNumber AS Number,
ContactCompany AS Company,
ContactName AS Contact,
Order BY CallReceived DESC

Dear community. I’d be very grateful for any hint on how to resolve this.

Add a field override for the field, with “Unit” as “Misc → String”