Table Data with CrateDB - Limited events shown based on time?

Hi all,

I have a table in Grafana pointing to CrateDB - with about 1mil data inserted incrementally starting from 24th January 18’ till today (insertion still ongoing from connected devices).

Here I have a question: when I select the Time Range starting from January 2018 till now not all data is being shown… (the date range for data is from 24th Jan to 16th Feb)

When I change the Time Range starting from February 2018 onward, the most recent data now appears…(date range for data is from 2nd Feb to 26th Feb)

Question here is, why is this such? and how can I enable such that in selecting any Time Range situation, the Table would show all the data with no limitations?


Haven’t used this data source but to increase your chance of getting help regarding this (believe it may not be used by that many) I would suggest you to checkout the github repo for the plugin as well. Maybe someone has reported same problem or you can create an issue there as well.