Table column filter issue

Hi everyone,

I have a simple table that displays some information that the user may need to filter.
Column filters looked great but by default, it won’t select any of the filtered items:

For instance, I filter the column on ‘brosse’ and see the filter list with checkboxes disabled:
2023-04-21 13_21_38-Ventes Client - Dashboards - Grafana and 10 more pages - Personal - Microsoft​ E

The fact that the checkboxes are disabled by default means that the filter won’t be applied unless I tick every item.
To me that’s counter-productive to the principle of a filter, especially since people are used to the way it works in Excel, where filtered items will be selected by default (I mean that’s the point of filtering).

Is there a way to achiever this that I’m missing?

I think the default behaviour should be to select (tick) all filtered items by default, and provide a “toggle selection” option at the bottom so users can quickly refine the filtered items.