Table column disappears when all values are 0

I am using grafana 7.3.7 with elasticsearch 7.6.2, both running as their docker images.

I am trying to present a table with three columns, each coming from a different query, joined by an outer join transformation (on field name work_package).

However, when I add the restriction for the minimum doc count to be 1, the column disappears, and the remaining columns end up with the wrong headers:

Header 1 : Column 1
Header 2 : Column 2
Header 3 : Column 3


Header 1 : Column 2
Header 2 : Column 3

What I want to do: In the case that there is a work package that has 0 on all columns, it should not appear on the table (WP-789 in the screenshots).

Is this a bug? Is there any other way I can achieve my desired result?

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