Support GRAFANA with mySQL

hello everyone, I wanted to know where you can find a guide to install grafana in a server with a specific ip address because when I try to connect mySQL in localhost it always gives me error (because mySQL and grafana cannot coexist in localhost)

Does your Grafana server have access to your mysql database? Is there a firewall or proxy between the Grafana server and the database? You can access your mysql database providing server ip address

In practice, should I create a server with a specific IP address and then tell mySQL the address of my server so that I can open the communication between the two parties?

Not true, what makes you believe that?

because every time I try to put on host = localhost: 3306 it gives me error
dial tcp connect: connection refused

That is not because they cannot co-exist, that is some other problem.
Have you installed mysql-server on the machine?
Can you access it using the command line mysql client?
What OS are you running?

yes I installed mySQL server on my pc in localhost in a specific port and then I created a table in a database from python to do a test.

What specific port?
You didn’t say what the OS is.
Are you using user/pwd access?
Is grafana also installed on that PC?

Sorry, the port is 3306 and the OS is Windos10. Yes I’m using user/pwd access and grafana is installed in localhost in the pc.

Don’t know much about Windows, but assuming there is a mysql command line client installed what happens if you run, in a terminal,
It should fail with an authentication error, not a connection error.

Also in your mysql.cnf file (or whatever it is called on Windows) what is bind-address set to?

Hey tommaso7
It should work because they both operate on different ports
May be try accessing MySQL using the actual IP of the PC
Or (although it shouldn’t matter in your case ) you may need to enable access for MySQL from any IP address

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