Sum of EUR per month for kWh's used


I have a fairly simple use case where I want to calculate some stuff.

Per day I am consuming a number of kWh electricity for charging my Electric Vehicle (EV). Per kWh I am paying for a given amount in Euro per kWh (0,16EUR per kWh). I would like to have an overview per month (or other variable time selection like per year/per day) that represents the cost EUR as per the time period selected in the grafana time selection (relative or absolute).

Use case is fairly simple. My accountant asks me to prove cost evidence of the charging times and cost of the charging time. This in the same or separate graphs.

how should I accomplish this?

I already have the following:

Cost per kWh is 0,16 EUR

Im not sure what you are trying to achieve exactly. Do you want to add up all values of last month? You can check the Transform tab (next to your Query tab) and choose a transformation. For example: Reduce → Total. You could display this difference in value in a stat panel. You could also show the difference between the first and last value of a month by doing Reduce → Difference.
I reckon it would be convenient to have a dashboard with a stat panel for every month. In the query you could simply replace the &__timeFilter() by a specific date range. Depending on the database you use could for example (in case of postgresql) do WHERE BETWEEN ‘2021-01-01 00:00:00’ AND ‘2021-02-01 00:00:00’.

hi bumptop, thanks for your feedback. I tried to use the Transform (have used it before). However, the “reduce” thingy translates the panel into a table. I’d like to graph this…