Suggested promtail configs contain deprecated client (->clients) config key, generates warning

In both the Grafana Cloud UI, and the Grafana stack help notes, the suggested promtail config.yaml contains:

  url: https://<User>:<Your API Key>

This is now deprecated configuration, and generates this warning:

level=warn ts=2022-09-28T00:18:13.637653757Z caller=config.go:66 msg="use of CLI client.* and config file Client block are both deprecated in favour of the config file Clients block and will be removed in a future release"

The sample configs should be changed to e.g.

  - url: https://<User>:<Your API Key>

… replacing client with a clients array.

Is it sufficient to raise that here, or is a support ticket recommended?

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Hi @javabrett - thanks for bringing this up! I’ll share with the docs and account portal teams to get this updated!

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