Stop dashboard varibles from reloading from an app plugin

I have created one question already here but as i have got no answer for that I thought may be I should make it more clear by posting a new question.
So we have created an app page in grafana which we use to add, edit or delete devices and various other functionalities. We found that when we go to our app plugin page, the variables from other dashboards where we show the data for the devices we add from our app plugin page get refreshed. We need those variables to be refreshing only when we are on the respective dashboard. But when we switch to other dashboards those variables should stop refreshing. We can do the same thing in angular which is subscribing and unsubscribing. But can we do the same from grafana app plugin page? We face this issue a lot and its not really good because we can not make use of the app plugin page efficiently. Does this have any solution? Can we stop those variables from refreshing temporarily when we go to the app plugin page?