Start measure only after warmup

I’m running a staged load test:

  stages: [
    { duration: '5s', target: 50 },
    { duration: '5s', target: 100 },
    { duration: '5s', target: 200 },
    { duration: '5s', target: 400 },
    { duration: '5s', target: 800 },
    { duration: '2m', target: 800 },

Is it possible to start measuring only after reaching the target of 800 VUs (last stage)?

Hi @noam

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The easiest way would be to tag the stages. When querying the resulting metrics you can filter by the stage/s that are not in your warm-up.

Can you further elaborate on the reasons behind the behavior you need in the test? I understand you don’t even want k6 to measure the warm-up stages, is that correct? I’m asking in case it’s a feature we should consider, or there is another way to achieve that. We’d like to understand the reasoning behind it. Or tagging the metrics already works for you?


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Thank you.
Tagging by stage helps - but the end-of-test summary does not include the tags, so they are only useful when looking deeper in the cloud results and/or Prometheus and the like.
Further – when using K6 cloud, the top graph and summary are not affected by tags. A special tag like “excludeFromSummary” whould help here.