Staircase graph: possible to have a "last step" of the staircase


I’m using a staircase graph to vizualize my current power consumption of my boiler.

If there are a lot of measuring points (1), no problem.
However, if the system gives only rarely a value, the graph looks a bit weird from the last point till current time (2):

In this case: I want to draw “the last step” of the staircase: from the latest measured value a horizontal line till “now”. This is also the reality: measured values are comming from all kind of IoT devices. They only send changes, so you can safely assume that the “current” value is the same as the “latest registered” value.
Especially from sensors that only give one update per day: this creates large “gaps” between latest registered value (can be 24h ago) and now…

Is this possible?

kind regards,

No reaction. So this is not possible?