Stagger Queries in Grafana (Generate one Chart at a Time)

Hi, I have a dashboard with 10+ visuals. When I open Grafana on localhost, it sends 10 queries at a time to my HDB which leads it to be taken down. Is there any way to tell Grafana to load one graph at a time, or run only 2 queries in parallel before going onto the next 2?

Thanks for your help.

What is an HDB please?

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if you try Grafana 6.2 it has lazy loading of panels, so try to layout your graphs & panels so not all are visible directly and you will get staggered queries

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It stands for Historical Database.

In other words, only include a couple of charts on each dashboard?

What happens when I tell the Dashboard to auto-update every day. Will each dashboard send the queries to my HDB at the exact same time? Or will it only update daily if I check the dashboard for the first time during that day?

I think it means that they don’t update if they are offscreen.

Or get a faster DB, Prometheus or Graphite queries usually execute in milliseconds and can handle hundreds of queries at the same time.

But what I mean is you can create charts of screen (so you have to scroll), to load async

If I set the dashboards to refresh every day, will they refresh at the same time, or only if I open the dashboard and it previously hasnt been refreshed during that day?

The panels will load data (refresh) as soon as you open the dashboard in the browser. And then at whatever refresh interval is set following that.

Also yes, in either case all panels will refresh at the same time.

I believe it will not update at all till you open the dashboard, and then only if the relevant panel is visible in the browser.