Stage duration bar graph

Hi there,

I’m looking to create a gantt-style graph bar to display the duration of different stages in a project run. Data source is, sample data:

“start_time”: “2020-06-25T11:09:33.652396”,
“end_time”: “2020-06-25T11:09:39.182320”,
@timestamp”: “2020-06-25T11:09:39.182Z”,
“completed_stage”: “”,
“project_id”: “”

Each project has multiple stages and I’d like each bar in the graph to represent a complete project run, grouping all stages in the same bar. The bar would be divided into colours, representing the different stages and their duration (i.e. end_time - start_time).

i.e. I’d like these bars to appear in one bar, each of them showing their relative duration, left y axis is either a time series or floats representing minutes or seconds.

There are hundreds of projects and I’d like to see them all together, placed on the X axis according to when their first event’s @timestamp. I can modify the different events to show “duration” instead of “start_time” & “end_time”.

Additionally, I don’t have “Metric”, “Group by” and “Then by” fields in my query builder.

My understanding about Lucene queries is pretty basic so any leads will be appreciated.