Spring Cleaning - Bug Squash!

Next week, starting Monday (29/3), the Grafana team will stop what they’re currently working on to focus on squashing bugs for two days. We’ll end the bug scrub with a hack day on Wednesday, when team members will be able to work on improving things they’ve discovered during the bug scrub — hopefully something to lift up the whole of the Grafana team — but we’ll see what they come up with!

The purpose of the bug scrub is to increase the stability and reliability of Grafana. During these days, we won’t be working on any new features.

What can you do to help?

  • Let us know which bugs you’d like to have squashed. Vote for bugs to be fixed by adding reactions to the issue on GitHub.
  • Join us in the #grafana-dev channel on Slack to help us test and reproduce bugs.
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