Split values on legend if choose ALL variables

Hello, help me pls, i have a query node_load5{instance=~"$instance"}, that returns one series if in variable i choose single instance
My problem is if i am choosing multi variables or choose “ALL”, multiseries are returns and on graph no possible to understand which series maps to which host if in legend sort of System busy on $node
Looks this as
System busy on {cl1n0i8mofn7qcig25l5-uhac,cl1n0i8mofn7qcig25l5-yrit,cl1n0i8mofn7qcig25l5-ynuz}
Is there way to make normal mapping? May be query are wrong

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I also have the same issue.
My data source is prometheus. I have created the variable using query.
When I create the dashboard with this variable, I am providing legend as [[hostname]] but it expands like
host1,host2 for both the time series.

I have tried adding only one time series in the query and adding repeat option. There also same.
Should I give a query to select the legend name pertaining to a particular time series?

Put this into the Legend:

Legend: Host {{instance}}

Or whatever you need from your prometheus field