[SOLVED] "Home Dashboard" not shown when I login

Hi all,

I have a starred dashboard that I set as “Home Dashboard” but when I login I always get the standard home page.


What I see after login:

Grafana version is 6.7.4.

Thanks for any hints,

Hm. I’m not able to reproduce this. Maybe a long shot, but have you tried clearing out the cookies?

That did not occur to me. I did clear the cache, of course.

Now cleared cache and cookies - no change.

I already had a dashboard named “FreeNAS” as my home dashboard, then later deleted that and renamed a reworked copy to “FreeNAS”, then set the new “FreeNAS” as my home dashboard.

Possibly something with the IDs and stuff?

OK, that can be tested, of course …

Renamed dashboard to “Test”, set as home, no change.

“Test”, Dashboard Settings, Save as … “FreeNAS” - star that, set that as home, same again.
Set a completely different dashboard as home - standard home page all over.

I confused the setting for the organisation and the preference for a particular user. Works as documented.

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