[SOLVED]Display time problem


first thanks for Grafana, it’s an awesome tool !

I have a display problem with my charts :

as you can see, my last point display is UTC+1 but my charts are only displayed at UTC because my timezone is UTC.

If I change it to local or default, the last point is displayed a UTC+3

can I solve it ?


Not sure I fully understand what you are saying, but it is important to store the timestamps in the db in UTC. Are you doing that?.


thanks for your help

timestamp is automatically generated by sql DB with a new entry

it’s UTC+1, even if my server is in UTC


I do not understand how that can be the case. What db are you using (mysql for example) and how is the timestamp written?
How do you know that the timestamp is UTC+1?

I use mysql database
I use phpmyadmin to look at it

At each entry, the date is automatically fill, and i’t UTC+1, I don’t know why and how to change that


Log onto the server and run the mysql command line and view the data that way. That is the only way to be certain. Copy/paste what you see if you still think it is wrong.
What server is the OS running and how do you know that it is configured to UTC?

What do you mean by the date being automatically filled in? How is that achieved (is it something in the db schema for example)?

it works now I changed in my php query current_timestamp by UTC_timestamp !

thanks a lot