[Solved] Bar chart duplicating and showing non-existant values


Running version 5.3.4

I’m running this query that shows how many tickets were created on a specific queue.

This is my query:

The query works fine on the database but grafana is showing values where there isn’t any:

This is my graph:

Now, when I select an individual series the graphs plots it correctly where it should be:


Thank you everyone.

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Hello, so I’ve been making some progress on my issue, however my bar chart still shows values where there isn’t any and I belive this is because of the line chart:

Notice that even though I don’t have values in the green data series the second series won’t start from the bottom.

The orange values that are mostly non-existant are there because the line is connecting the values and the bar chart adds that value (see second image)

Orange series values:

Disabling the line chart does nothing, my graph still shows wrong data and values that do not start from the bottom.

At this point I’m not sure this is a problem with Grafana ploting this data or I’m missing something.

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Finally got this working.

I had to use $__timeGroup and now my query is like this:


And the result I was expecting:

Credits where it’s due: