Snowflake $__timeFilter(column, timezone) not working on v1.2.4

  • What Grafana version and what operating system are you using?

The newest version of the Grafana Snowflake Datasource, v1.2.4 (Snowflake data source for Grafana | Grafana Enterprise plugins documentation) , changed the timeFilter macro from:

CONVERT_TIMEZONE('America/New_York', time) < '2017-07-18T11:15:52Z' AND CONVERT_TIMEZONE('America/New_York', time) > '2017-07-18T11:15:52Z


CONVERT_TIMEZONE('UTC', 'America/New_York', time) < '2017-07-18T11:15:52Z' AND CONVERT_TIMEZONE('UTC', 'America/New_York', time) > '2017-07-18T11:15:52Z

Adding this additional UTC parameter makes this macro fail for timestamp columns that are not NTZ columns.

Can this breaking change be reverted back?