Slow unless on local machine

Hi, I run Grafana v7.0.0 (aee1438ff2) on an Ubuntu 22.04 (i7, 32 GB ram). Data source is a local influxdb. I see some strange performance issues where performance when accessing Grafana locally is splendid, but from other devices is painfully slow.

If I make an ssh tunnel to the machine, performance is also fantastic (also from other locations). I suspect that Grafana is not to blame but how would you suggest that I troubleshoot this?

My router is a Unifi UDM Pro which in principle should have plenty performance, but bugs are plentiful on Unifi equipment.

Looking forward to any advice. :slight_smile:

How are the other devices connecting to grafana?


Everything via ethernet. But the key thing to notice is that any poor performance disappears if I just access Grafana via an ssh tunnel.

Ssh tunnel from where?

The ssh tunnel is from the client running the browser into the machine running Grafana and Influxdb. So on the client side I run ssh -L 3000:localhost:3000 and open localhost:3000 on its browser.

I guess the encapsulation takes some potential delays out of the loop but I really can’t figure out what causes the delays.

so client running the browser and grafana are 2 separate machines?

What is your speed setting on the router and on the connected devices?

Sounds like a router issue to me. conflicting settings will give you issues

Hi, I have 1 GB internet and LAN connection, but even over Wifi Grafana will be really fast at loading as long as I go through an ssh tunnel. But since the problem is most likely unrelated to Grafana let us just stop here. Thanks.

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