SLI Metric with Prometheus

I try to implement an SLI according to the Google SRE definition:
SLI = good events / valid events

Let’s say I have my latency metric available where I can print a graph showing the latency of each request.

Now I want to know the percentage of all calls over a defined period of time that were within a certain threshold.
For this I need the total number of calls (data points) as well as the number of calls (data points) that stayed within my threshold

count-good(scalar, range-vector)

where scalar is my threshold (i.e. 100ms),
range-vector my latency-metric over a defined time period (i.e. 1h)
and count-good counts only the number of calls that stay within my threshold, whereas count will count all calls within my time frame

how can I achieve this with a Prometheus data source?

I have exactly the same requirement.

Is a solution available?