Skip the login screen all together


I’m using oauth to authenticate to grafana, and I would like to skip the login screen.

The graphs are shown embedded in an iframe and at the moment I’m using javascript to click on the “login with oauth” button so the customers don’t need to click this button after they have already logged in on the hosting website… Not the cleanest solution.

I’ve already set the “disable login form” parameter and the only authentication method enabled is oauth, so there is no need to show this screen in my opinion…

Is what I want possible ?

Thanx !

no this is currently not possible


Then I’ll have to keep the javascript solution for now.

Thanx !

Is it possible now in latest version?

Set to true to attempt login with OAuth automatically, skipping the login screen.

This setting is ignored if multiple OAuth providers are configured.

oauth_auto_login = false

how to use this — in defaults.ini