Since v8.0 cannot edit or change variable in azure monitor

Before grafana v8.0 i was able to do this in azure monitor.(with graph or time series panel)

${env}ecpcom001 where env is for example stg or prd

Now i cannot edit the field anymore and it’s just just showing templates variables $env as option.
Manually add ecpcom001 is not possible anymore…
If i try to add it just goes back to $env

any ideas?
Edit: i was able to do it in panel json… but this is not very nice…

Hi @olsonnn,

Are you still encountering this issue? Have you tried upgrading to 8.0.6? I think 8.1.0 will get released in the coming weeks as well.

We are very keen to make the Azure Monitor UX as pleasant as possible. If this is still an issue, can you share with me as much information as possible, including screenshots and/or your panel json? I’ll make sure one of the engs who works on our Azure integrations has a look at it.