Simple JSON Data Source with a service

Hi ,
I’m trying to create dashboards from CouchBase DB. So I found the solution like , I can create some service which will return JSON output and use the same in ‘Simple JSON’ data source category.
And now I have service which is giving the desired out put ie,
This URL I have provided under HTTP Settings URL section and given Access as direct. And trying to use the data source in dashboard. But while I’m checking in Query Inspector , URL is changing as and hence no out put is coming. How to proceed in this case?

the url is changing? Did you specify the wrong url? Not sure I understand you must provide more detail.

No Torkel. This is the correct URL ""
and is given in data source URL. but while checking in query inspector “” is coming as URL.

yes, that is part of the simple json datasource API contract to look up metric names.

Then how can I configure in this case? Kindly suggest

your HTTP API needs to implement the search and query api according to the spec