Sign Up page returns error 404

When I click on Sign Up it redirects me to and it returns 404 error.

Here is the config for [users]

allow_sign_up = true
;allow_org_create = true
auto_assign_org = true
;auto_assign_org_id = 1)
;auto_assign_org_role = Viewer
verify_email_enabled = true
;login_hint = email or username
; home_page =
;external_manage_link_url =
;external_manage_link_name =
;external_manage_info =
;viewers_can_edit = false
;editors_can_admin = false
;user_invite_max_lifetime_duration = 24h
; hidden_users =

I have no idea whats wrong…

Realized that what caused the error is auto_assign_org = true commenting it out makes it work. But i’d really like to use it. Did i do something wrong or is it bugged?

hi @ryuunosukeds3

This was recently reported and fixed:

try upgrading?

Yeah, i was the one who oppened the issue! Still waiting for the 8.0.4, the version that contains the fix. Thanks!

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ha! I should have noticed the usernames :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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verify_email_enabled = true Just pointing out that this is the line that was causing the error. I probably coppied the wrong one and didn’t read when I posted that comment.

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