Showing Actuator Status on Grafana Dashboard


We have Spring Book Actuator implemented on our running application.
The below link gives us the Health Status of the application
Link -
Output - {“status”:“UP”}

Is it possible to show this Status on Grafana Dashboard? What Source needs to be selected and how do we display this status on the Dashboard.

Any help would be appreciated.


Raviraj Raikar

Hi Raviraj
I am not sure, but I think that Telegraf with Influxdb can manage it.


Hi Raviraj,
The advice by @danielgonzalez to use Telegraf to store it in an Influx database (which you then read from) makes sense.

Alternatively, if you just want to she the current status - i.e. literally show what that endpoint returns - you could try the AJAX plugin also: This can pull a payload from whatever endpoint you have and there’s some flexibility about how the result is parsed/presented

Thanks. Appreciate your quick response on this.
Was trying to use my endpoint on the Ajax Panel.

Unfortunately the Ajax not able to parse the endpoint result. It gives me the below error. If you have any idea on this, or if you can share any working example, it would be of immense help. Again would like to thanks for your support.


Thanks Daniel, i went through it and found though it provides the solutions to my requirement, it needs lot of efforts in implementation.