Show statics according to request source ip address

Hi, I am new to grafana. Recently i"ve setup one for my project with influxdb as its backend, and it is awesome for the graphing.

For now, I can show the requests per seconds statistic for my web app now. But I have one step-further requirement that I want to show requests per seconds group by their source ip requests, so I can see which source app have the most flow, then I can do some adjustment for my web app. As the web app is such a basic web service in my company, the request source ip is not a fixed set. old apps may be offlined or new apps might get online. So the request source ip is changing all the time.

Thus I want a way to

  1. separate the flow according to their source ip
  2. dynamically add a new metric when a new source ip comes in

Could you give me some help, please? can templating do this?


For your existing working query to display requests per seconds you can group by source ip if you’ve added source ip data as tag in your influxdb measurement.

Please bear in mind that timeseries databases not are optimal for high-cardinality data such as source ip addresses that can change and vary to infinity. If you for example would have 1 million source ip addresses in your measurement I think influxdb will explode :slight_smile: In that case I would say that you’re interested in logging instead, for example logging each request with elasticsearch.