Show select items in AsyncMultiSelect

I’ve developed a custom backend data source using the Grafana toolkit.
The underlying data is organized in a hierarchy similar to a filesystem (e.g. Folders/Directories.
The Query Editor uses AsyncMultiSelect from @Grafana/ui to query the hierarchy.
The issue is that “paths” in the hierarchy include the same name more than once in the path (e.g. \Parent\Child\Child”). The second occurrence of Child does not show up in options, even though it was returned from the back end.

I’ve tried:

  1. Adding hideSelectedOptions={false} to the AsyncMultiSelect.
    The second instance of Child is still filtered from the select list.
  2. Using AsyncSelect from react/async select. Other portions of the Query Editor use other objects from Grafana/ui.
    When selecting the data source on a new Dashboard/Panel, I get this error:

Grafana.log with debug set shows no issues with loading the plugin. Developer Console shows only that the data source doesn’t exist.
The underlying data can’t be changed to remove duplicated names. Need guidance on how to proceed.

• Grafana version: 8.5.2
• OS Grafana is installed on: Windows Server 2019
• User OS & Browser: Windows 10 with Chrome but the issue also occurs with Edge