Show objects which did not return any value (empty array)


Im querying using the Simpod JSON Datasource. Some of my objects sometimes has no reported value during the timeframe. In these cases they are not being visualized at all. However, I want to show all the objects (which I’ve queried) in the table panel even if they did not return any data array. How does one make this happen? When viewing the query for an object with no data it shows:

datapoints: Array[0]

What do the objects in the array look like when it does have data?

Also please post sample json, obfuscated?

without data:


with data:


What type of data source is it?

Hi @adws,

Maybe if you have not yet tried the option for “connect null values” which is normally available in most of the visual panel, then give it a try as might solve your case.

Here is the screenshot taken from the time-series panel:


Is this supposed to be a time-series? Can you post a screenshot of what your graph looks like (with data)?

I want it for both a table panel and for a geomap panel. So for example when visualizing my devices in geomap, if they did not give any data last 24h they do not appear in the map. I want them to show up nonetheless and be symbolized for example as grey so that it is clear which devices did or did not report data within the time-frame.

A REST API which returns JSON, hence, Simpod JSON Datasource.

Please provide this json data