Show link in a shortest way

  • What Grafana version are you using?

Grafana 7.3.6

  • What are you trying to achieve?

I’m trying to use value mappings to convert links into a shortest way, e.g:

https://this-is-an-example/logs/1 → Go to Link
https://this-is-an-example/logs/2 → Go to Link
https://this-is-an-example/logs/3 → Go to Link
https://this-is-an-example/logs/4 → Go to Link

At this way I don’t have in the table visualization a long link so when I click in the “Go to Link” I wanna be able to go to every link that correspond to that row extracted from the database.

Any reason you are still on 7.3.6?

I can’t migrate everything right now

might this get you closer to what you are looking for?

Thank you for your answer.

Unfortunately I think no. I get long links from the database. I’d like to show in a short way in the dashboard. Just to not show the entire longest link there. It’s using a lot of space in the field and I don’t have also the possibility to change the width.

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