Shift time based on Browser-time

Hi all

Is there an accessible variable for the current timezone of the browser?

We place multiple measurement series in overlap with a time offset to the start of the Epoch. Due to local browser differences, these do not nicely start at zero but are offset based on localtime of the browser. Here is my browser shot showing one hour shift as an example.

I searched but could not find this variable.
Plotting our own time scale starting at zero on the X-axis would be great but I could not find that.

There is a nice plugin for time-shifting but that did not seem to accommodate our specific use case.

Thank for any suggestions.

And thanks for Grafana
Best wishes

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@allomorphy1 :wave:

is this what you’re looking for? Check out the heading on dashboard time settings - you can set it to the local browser time

Thanks Melori,
But that will not help bring all series to commence at zero.
Also the viewers would want something non-interactive.
Best wishes