Sharing Panels on Website - Embed / Render Image - From Pi

Hi. I have a number of panels that display useful data to be shown in a website. I would like the data to be within 5 minutes of real time.

I have thought of two methods.

The easiest one is to embed the panels, and have anonymous access. This actually works fine, except the payload of the page is huge.

There are 3 js files:


That are loaded every time, 5MB in total, so 5 small singlestat panels is 30MB per page load…

Is there some way to pre-load this?

The other method would be to use some CLI to render images of specific panels every 5 minutes.

However I am running on a Pi, and the message is:
Rendering failed - PhantomJS isn’t included in arm build per default

A also heard that phantomJS is going away.

I was wondering what was the best way to share all the wonderful data and graphs we have with the outside world, and suggestions welcome!

Thanks, Dave

Beuller? Anyone? Would love to find a simple and mobile friendly solution.