Shall I copy dashboard/panel from version 8.0 to version 10.0?

Just now I upgrade my grafana from 8.0 into 10.0; Now I have many dashborads/penals on grafana 8.0(on another server) which I want to move into new grafana 10.0. How shall I do this?

what operating system is grafana installed on? and how many panels do you have? and do you have alerting?

I use windows; each dashboard has about 8 penals on average; no alerting.

On another machine

  1. Make a copy of the currenrlt 8.0 grafana data and conf folders into a temp folder

  2. Download and unzip the last 9.x zip file of grafana

  3. Go into the bin folder and run the server.exe, wait 1 minute then stop the grafana you just ran

  4. Copy the folders from temp into new grafana folder

  5. Run #3 again

  6. Login to grafana on port 3000

See how things look