Setting up ruler with Azure storage

Hi all, I am trying to setup a ruler to work with Azure. I’ve created blob container. Does this rule_path come from the local storage? Do I have to create it beforehand? How do i create the rules themselves? The reason, why I am asking, is how to do it using helm with the installation of the single library to run all.

        type: azure
          environment: AzureGlobal
          container_name: ruler
          account_key: ${STORAGE_ACCOUNT_KEY}
          account_name: ${STORAGE_ACCOUNT}
      rule_path: /rules
      alertmanager_url: http://kube-prometheus-stack-alertmanager:9093
          store: inmemory
      enable_api: true
      enable_alertmanager_v2: true

this snippet is just the ruler section, it says in the log the ruler is up and running…