Setting Specific Thresholds for a repeated singlestat

I use a Singlestat that is repeated based on a variable set on the dashboard, but the Singlestats, even being created for the select variable values, it would be good to set individual thresholds. There’s any way, or just by replicating manually the singlestat?

Hi Team,

Recently we have configured Grafana in our account.
After installing we can see only few things. I did some research and imported few dashboards but unable to see which the data i need.

Mainly we are looking for below things.
1)Pods status
Incase of any Pod fails i want to see which Pod failed i.e Pod name from Grafana.
2)Services status in Pod
what is the status of the service like up or down.
for any reason if any service goes down

Need to view in Grafana.
Kindly help on this. I am new to Grafana
Appreciate your help on this.
If you have any dashboard available with above features kindly share the same.

@ [fabiocosta0305] - Did you find any solution for this?