Setting different panels to different time ranges in a single dashboard

Hi guys , in relation to the topic:

I will have a dashboard table with columns : address, price , procent

i want to be able to filter the table by changing the time period From → TO , my API will return the array of data based on that period . Is there a way to make the table url dynamic based on the time period i choose ?

I also posted a question on the subject yesterday.
I wanted to use Relative Time to display data from a specific day in the past. This should be done alongside other panels that use a different time range.
But it doesn’t work.

Big mistake on my part. I was trying to change the X-Axis (i.e. time range.) I kept changing it in the (Panel)–>Edit–>(Time Range) and choosing “Last 30 Days.” I would save it, close the edit page, and hit the link I had for the dashboard, to check, and it kept reverting to the 6-hour setting I wanted to get rid of.

I eventually realized that the 6h time range was embedded in the URL of the pane.

Don’t be like me. :slight_smile:. Make sure your testing/operations URL doesn’t force the (unwanted) time period before checking your dashboard.


…was forcing it to 6 hours.

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Thanks! It’s work for me, by the way the name “Relative Time” is so weird…

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Thanks, is works.

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This does not exist.