Set Variable from Promtheus Query

Hello everyone,

How can i save a query result in a variable and display it in the title of the panel?

My Variables:
node_filesystem_size_bytes {instance=“”, job=“node”,mountpoint="/"}
query_result( $maxroot )

Preview of Values (maxroot):
node_filesystem_size_bytes {device = “/dev/sda2”, fstype =“ext4”, instance =“” job =“node”,mountpoint = “/”} 32097759232 1641160655000

I would like to save “/ 32097759232 Byte” or better “/ 32 GiB” as a string variable.
Is this possible?

Thanks for your help.

You can embed data links in the panel title like ${__value.raw}.

That might get you there. You might have to reduce the query result to a single value